You are the biggest asset of your business. Without your undivided attention to the growth oriented activities, your business will stagnate. With you caught in routine daily chores such as accounting, order processing, replying e-mails, customer service, preparing marketing material and maintaining website, you hardly have any time left to work on the more important activities.


You want to hire more people to help free your own time, but it is almost impossible to bring more people on the payroll with your resources. You are caught in catch 22, hire help first and then grow the business or grow the business first to have enough cash flow to hire more people.


How do we know all this? It's because we have been there. We know the pains of growing a business. But you do not have to be in that difficult position anymore. To get the help that your business needs, without increasing your overhead, all you need to do is what large corporations have been doing for almost quarter of a century. Hire top talent from overseas for a fraction of the cost of hiring people in US, Canada or Europe.


Globeium has developed a unique business process for outsourcing that fits the needs of small to medium sized businesses. We can help your busines by hiring and managing full time employees for your company or by allocating part-time staff to your business that will grow with your business and its needs.


You can hire people to do bookkeeping, customer service, order processing, copywriting, online marketing campaigns, business plans, data entry, trends analysis, graphic design, website design/maintenance, programming and process automation.


Don't be left behind in this competitive business era of 21st century. As the world is becoming a global village, outsourcing is not a luxury. It is a must have to stay ahead of the competition and to be profitable.